So, you help sites rank on Google?


CEO at Hudson Specialty Marketing LLC
Online Marketing Professional with over 10 years of experience. No matter how many changes google can make to it's algorithm, one thing remains true... Delivering what your customers want is always the best SEO strategy.

Hi, I’m Dan.

I’ve been in the SEO/Online Marketing space for almost 10 years now! When I first started, the “What do you do?” question usually turned into a 20 minute conversation that only left people confused. While it’s more understood and transparent these days, there is still a lot of technical understanding involved with good SEO. No more stuffing a page with keywords and hoping for the best.

Hands-on experience has taught me 10 important tenets needed to run a successful Online Marketing Campaign. Including but not limited to: Exhaustive Keyword Analysis; Coordination Of Vision, Keywords, Design, And Site Function; Quality Content With Appropriate Keyword Placement; Updated Design That’s Responsive And Drives User Engagement; Creating and Executing An Effective Online Marketing Plan; Social Media, PPC, And Paid Marketing That Matches Your Brand And Goals; An Engaging Email Periodical; Split Test Everything You Can; Track Everything You Can.


Learn More About SEO/Online Marketing

If you’re interested in learning SEO for yourself, there are some great resources out there. I would recommend starting with learning from industry experts like Brian Dean (backlinko.com), Neil Patel (quicksprout.com), and Rand Fishkin (moz.com).

Contact Me

If you’d rather have this stuff done so you can focus on your core business, I’m currently taking on a few new clients so email me at dan@hudsonspecialtyconsulting.com and we can talk about about higher google rankings, more site traffic, and better conversions.