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Hudson SEO

Located within the Greater Minneapolis Area (Hudson), our experts are ready to help with your SEO and Digital Marketing Projects. You deserve a customized approach that aligns your Design, SEO Strategy, Social Media, and Email Marketing with your goals. After an initial consultation, we develop a game plan in line with your goals and vision. Along the way, we'll show you what we're doing and why. There's no "it's too technical, you wouldn't get it" mentality here, nor do use tactics that make you feel like you're getting more than you really are. Integrity, honesty, and transparency are everything to us.

Our Primary Services


You need a cohesive strategy that includes keyword analysis, technical on-site seo (proper keyword distribution, w3s compliance, page load time optimization, schema markup, etc), engaging content that's SEO friendly, proper internal linking structure, strong off-site link building, social media management, business citations, guest blogging, and more!


At the core of SEO is a strong backlinking strategy based on keyword analysis. We understand how to create a natural backlink profile to your site, and it starts with on-page quality. Good SEO can help boost your visibility and make you more site more likely to attain higher authority backlinks, but if your content isn't great to begin with, why would someone with a high authority site want to link to you?

Keyword Analysis

We develop keyword analysis reports before creating any content on your site. This helps us to understand where to focus our time and offers you the greatest ROI. We believe in sharing all of this information with you as it gives you the foundation for a strong online presence with your site. 

Email Marketing

If you think of spam when you think email marketing, you're thinking of bad email marketing campaigns. A good email marketing campaign is one that adds value and even adds excitement for an end user. You don't want to create a situation where you trick people to open your monthly email. You want people to be excited to get your email before they even receive it. We can help with that!

Content Creation

One of the most under-recognized pieces to a successful digital marketing campaign is content creation. Understanding the right balance between keyword placement and user experience is just the beginning. With ever main site page, blog post, or article... we aim for high quality first. The trick is to create content that's useful and interesting, and fulfill your keyword metric suggestions within the editing process. This is typically the longest and hardest part of any SEO campaign but also the most important. 

Custom Leads

Many businesses rely on lists to call on targeted prospects. We can help by scraping data from sites like Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, Yellow Pages, or others to create targeted lists in a simple excel file format. Call lists, email lists, or mailing lists can all be created and customized for you. Some data limits may apply.

Local SEO

A small business can live or die with their Local SEO strategy. It's more important than ever to have a clear understanding of how to rank, which local-specific keywords to rank for, proper citation development, site submission for reviews, local directory listing creation, and keep your on-page SEO friendly to Google. We've developed a checklist to first make sure you are compliant to local SEO standards before we start an in-depth link-building campaign for your site.

Social Media Management

Social media has erupted as an important tool in helping promote your website and it's content. It can also be used to engage customers directly, so you should have a solid strategy to ensure you are getting your best return on investment. Every industry and business is going to handle their social media accounts a little differently, but one thing remains true across all businesses... you need to be using social media.

Paid Advertising

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing ads, and Twitter Ads are all a little confusing at first. It's good to know how to tap into these traffic sources properly from the beginning. These campaigns require customer knowledge, creativity, technical understanding, and proper analytics to achieve success. We can help manage these accounts to help grow your business.

Other Services

We offer on-site and off-site SEO, Local SEO, Content Creation, Keyword Research, Custom Analytics and Reporting, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Customized Lead Generation, Design, Social Media Management, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and other Digital Marketing Services. Our goals are to help you get noticed in a positive way and help you generate more revenue. We come up with a custom solution for every client based on your specific needs and will show you progress in a way you can understand every step of along the way.

Recent Projects

10 years in SEO gives you a unique perspective. We learned SEO through trial and error and have a lot of our own assets to show for it. While we have just started taking on clients, we are working on building a portfolio to show you examples of how we can help you. Click the image to the left to see a recent onsite SEO project ( and increased it's quality traffic by 340% in just a few months. 

SEO Craftsmanship

Though not often associated with digital marketing, we believe strongly in craftsmanship. SEO, Design, Email Marketing, and even Social Media efforts should be done right the first time so you're not constantly worried about Google's latest algorithm. We take "white hat" techniques (low risk, by the book) and add an extra level of quality. We know what Google is looking for - a high quality user experience. While no SEO Agency knows the full Google algorithm, we combine past 10 years of experience with our craftsmanship approach to give you results.


We believe in a quality approach. We don't just say this because it sounds nice, we know it's what works. We've tried a lot of things over the years and found time and time again that when you create a site people want to see, it will find a way to rank. It helps to know where to place keywords and how to get "jumpstart" traffic to the site, but people are often surprised at how few links they actually need to rank well for competitive keywords. To get started, get your Free Site Score now.