Confidential Case Study

Confidential Case Study

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Confidential Case Study


I don’t like to be secretive, especially when I’m trying to build a business that relies on trust. As I’m still early in the “direct client” portion of my business, I’m showing some examples of work I’ve done with partners whom I’ve decided to keep confidential.


Why Keep It Secret? Because we’ve found creative keywords to rank for that if exposed, could put these Google rankings at risk.


Keyword research and analysis is at the core of what I do. Finding the RIGHT keywords to rank for is often mis-understood. Bad SEO companies like to tell you “we’ll get you to rank in Google!” They are able to keep their word by helping you rank for low quality keywords with no traffic.


Below is a screenshot of my statistics (thanks ahrefs!) are for a dating review website I helped create and a business partner designed. I did all of the on-site and off-site SEO work. I’ve removed the actual keywords so as to protect our rankings. Take a look at the keyword volumes and ranking positions. This is almost all USA/UK/CA traffic and much more valuable than the CPC shows. When you understand how to combine seed keywords and keywords with purchasing intent, you can open up new valuable traffic streams.


keyword rankings
See the Volume, Traffic, and Rankings (Position) Columns circled in red.


This website was created in Feb 2016 and the majority of the content was created between Feb and May 2016. Here’s what the traffic curve looks like:


keyword traffic curve
Nothing for the first few months. SEO takes time, and almost never happens on a linear scale.


Side note: An interesting trend I’ve noticed in the last year or so is that sites often get a “trial run” at future rankings. It shows up in the graphic above as the small spike in traffic before more consistent traffic starts coming. I’ve seen this happen 2 weeks before consistent rankings begin, and I’ve seen it happen 2 months beforehand.


To give you just a little more, I want you to take a look at this last graphic for this example:


backlink profile


Notice the number of backlinks. This is so important and I can’t stress this enough. Whether you use me for SEO, do it yourself, or have it done by someone else… remember this graphic. Over 7,ooo clicks per month and 5 referring domains. That’s right, 5. You don’t need thousands of backlinks, you need a few high quality ones!


If you’re interested in learning more about SEO or how I can help, you can start with a free site audit here or contact me directly.