karr alarm systems

Karr Alarm Systems

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Karr Alarm Systems


Here’s an example of how important keyword research and on-site SEO are.


This is a simple blog site. One Page. As you can see, Not significant!


Created from a free WordPress template and cheap hosting on a shared server, KarrAlarmSystems.com still ranks for highly competitive and valuable keywords.


karr alarm systems
Check out some of those CPC’s! $5+ is what I like to see.


How Does Such A Simple Site Rank So Well?


What about backlinks? What about user experience? What about schema markup?


Simply put,  I did proper keyword research. Keyword research is still undervalued as an important aspect of SEO.


Sometimes it’s about about focusing on the keywords you KNOW have a high likelihood of ranking instead of shooting for the stars. It’s true that all of the information to rank any site is out there these days, but the problem is there is a lot of information and a lot of different technologies to use. It takes a seasoned professional to guide you through the over-optimized world of digital marketing.

How Can You Start Ranking?

Get started with your free site audit. This will give you the technical insight to be sure your site is ready to start ranking. Follow the checklist provided from the report to ensure your on-site SEO is in-line with industry standards. If you’d like to take your off page SEO, design, email marketing, or other digital marketing aspects to the next level, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at dan@hudsonspecialtymarketing.com to see how I can help you grow.


* Pro Tip: Once you start ranking for some, it becomes much easier to rank for more!