Recent Projects

Using Strong Keywords - A Confidential Case Study

See how the right keywords can take you from 0 to hero. A proper SEO campaign should start with a good site audit and great keyword analysis. Think keywords don't matter as much as they used to? Take a look at this recent example of a dating site that I helped rank in Google. See More

Professional & Modern Design Example

Ever go to a local business website and it looks outdated? Maybe it's not even mobile responsive? You don't need to break the bank with elaborate web design to look professional. I can help with professional level design work, or I can also help getting your site up-to-date on a budget so we can focus getting you noticed! See A Recent Example

Getting A Simple Blog To Rank In Google

Ranking anything in Google can be difficult. Ranking a one page WordPress blog site with just a few links is impossible these days, right? Not so fast. While this site's design isn't going to blow anyone away, it shows the importance of keyword research and knowing the most important SEO techniques. Yes, that's a free WordPress theme. A $10 domain purchase that pays my cable bill every month. See More Here